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"The Victorian" (The Vic) VSA's first student run newspaper "By, For and Of the Student," saw Volume 1 - Edition 1 - Issue #1 first appear on campus in October 2011.  Published regularly and involving over 80 staff writers, it aims to inform, entertain and provide a platform for student voice, with sections including News, Arts & Entertainment, Fun & Games, Sports, Comics, & Editorial (etc).  "The Vic," a student-run CAS Club available to any Year 7-12 student interested in a creative or managerial element of journalism, is run by four Managing Editors, supervised by four English teachers, on a weekly basis. With each new edition "The Vic" Editorial Staff strive to improve on the student newspaper formula while authentically engaging with an issue of global importance-- freedom of expression.  "The Vic," which recently published issue #34, is now entering the sixth year of publication, is hands-on learning.


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