VSA in the Media








Student of the year: Athletic glory and goals

SCMP Young Post, 9 February 2017









Students tackle world issues

Expat Parent, Jan 2017 Issue





School Visit: Victoria Shanghai Academy

Southside Magazine, Jan 2017 Issue









[Atypical School Visit?] VSA Whole School Carol Concert

Education Post, 14 December 2016








Junior Model United Nations Debated Human Trafficking

Singtao Daily, 4 December 2016








Principal's office

Expat Parent, Dec 2016 Issue






Best of both worlds

Expat Parent, Dec 2016 Issue






Unlocking Student Potential - an IB Education at Victoria Shanghai Academy

The Standard Quality Schools Guide, Oct/Nov 2016 Issue







Utilising ICT to Facilitate Learning and Teaching

Singtao Daily, 10 November 2016


VSA: IB is for Every Student

Hong Kong Economic Times, 19 October 2016


VSA Y11 Student Launches Chinese Newsletter for the School

Singtao Daily, 19 October 2016


Perfect IB scorer 2016: Angus Leung, VSA

Education Post, 25 July 2016


IB Through Train School with International Perspective

Super Parents, June 2016


Creating A Better World

SCMP Good SChool Guide, 24 June 2016


Bilingual Learner Today, World Citizen Tomorrow

Jessica Baby, Spring Issue 2016



VSA Held PYP Exhibition & Information Session

Ming Pao, 19 May 2016


IB Curriculum and Through Train School 

2016/17 Sing Tao Guide to Select Secondary Schools


Students' painting record the history of Hong Kong

Sing Tao, 3 March 2016




VSA Scholarships for talented students

Ming Pao, 2 March 2016




Admissions Tips for VSA

Hong Kong Economic Journal, 2 March 2016


International School, Less Homework, More Resourses

Super Parents,2016 Feb


Bilingual Education Combined with Traditional & International Curriculum 

Ming Pao Happy PaMa, 1 December 2015

New Head of Academy of VSA Enhances IB Advantage 

Sing Tao Daily, 17 November 2015



From the Campus to the World

SCMP Young Post, 30 September 2015


Appointment of Dr. Judith Guy as Head of Academy

South China Morning Post, 5 September


Voice from Far Away

Ming Pao Publications, August 2015


IB Full Score Students' Favourite Books

Ming Pao Happy Pa Ma, 28 July, 2015


Victoria Shanghai Academy IB Full Score Student

The Standard, 14 July


IB Full Score Student Loves Painting

Singtao Daily, 10 July 2015


Victoria Shanghai Academy IB Full Score Student

Ming Pao, 10 July


Victoria Shanghai Academy IB Result and Full Score Student

Sing Tao Daily, 10 July


Victoria Shanghai Academy, the “through-train” IB School

HKET, 27 February, 2015


World-renowned paleontologist, Dr. Richard Leakey,
will address students in VSA

The Standard, 29 January 2015




VSA going from Strength to Strength

Southside Magazine, 24 November 2014



Playwright Visits VSA Theatre Festival

Youngpost, 17 November 2014


Start from Zero

SCMP, 29 September 2014


VSA Brings Harvard's inquiry learning expertise to Hong Kong

The Standard, 8 September 2014


Victoria Shanghai Academy, a through-train IB school

Smart Parents, 31 July 2014


VSA Issues 40 Corporate Debentures, Provides Better IB Experience.

Singtao Daily, 23 June 2014







The Perfect Blending of International Perspective & Chinese Heritage

Quality School Guide, 29 May 2014


International School launches HK$2.5 million Corporate Debentures

Hong Kong Economics, 24 May 2014


International School issues  HK$2.5 million Corporate Debentures 

Singtao, 24 May 2014


International school issues Corporate Debentures

Headline, 24 May 2014


School issues debentures for HK$100m expansion

SCMP, 24 May 2014


VSA to fund scholarships for outstanding students in Hong Kong

SingTao, 27 Feb 2014


VSA to fund scholarships for outstanding students in Hong Kong

Mingpao, 25 Feb 2014



Victoria Shanghai Academy - Chinese Cultural Day

Young Post/ SCMP Young Post, 24 Feb 2014


VSA, The First “Through-Train” IB World School in Hong Kong

Parents, Feb 2014



VSA Makes Music Beautiful

SCMP, 2 Dec 2013




Sailing Kids

Singtao Daily, 27 Nov 2013






 Service trips allow students to make a difference to others

 SCMP Parents' Guide, 25 Nov 2013


VSA Students live on USD1 a day to experience poverty

SingTao, 21 Nov 2013




Over 300 families raised 800K for Wu Zhi Qiao

Wen Wei Po, Oct 3 2013





VSA Debenture Oversubscribes 11 Times

 Hong Kong Economic Times, 15 May 2013


 VSA Runs Summer School Musical Theatre Production in English

 SingTao, 6 May 2013


 Proactive Learning at a Young Age

 AmCham Quality Education & International Schools, 2013

The First “Through-Train” IB World School in Hong Kong

SingTao, 5 March 2013


 Top Scorer: Be Focused and Earnest

 Smart Parents, 27 December 2012


Exceptions High for IB Programs, Leads to Extra Tutoring

Smart Parents, 27 December 2012


 Victoria WuZhiQiao Project: Bridging the Hearts

 November 2012


2012 IB Diploma Results

Apple Daily, 28 October 2012


 Excellent IB Diploma Rresults at VSA with Perfect Score of 45

 31 July 2012


 Masarang Charity Raised $350,000

 South China Morning Post, 4 June 2012


VSA Awards 8M Full 7 Years Scholarship to Gifted Students

TaKungPao, 11 January 2012


Inflation Brings IB Schools Fees Up, More Scholarships Provided



 International School Gives Access to Gifted Low-Income Family Students

 Oriental Daily, 11 January 2012


 VSA Doubles Scholarships

 Singtao, 11 January 2011



 IB Workshop for Parents

 Singtao, 10 October 2011



 IB Programs Help Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills

 Hong Kong Economic Times, 16 December 2011


 Bridge Building Activity to Raise Fund for Gansu’s Community

 Takungpao, 3 October 2011

IB Top Scorer Hopes to Study Medicine in HK

Mingpao, 30 August 2011

Tips from VSA First Top Scorer

Singtao, 30 August 2011


VEO Celebrating its 45 Years of Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Singtao, 11 June 2010