What is assessment and why do we assess?

Assessment is the process of gathering information about what students understand, and their various abilities within each subject. Through assessment, we improve learning by helping students to understand what they know and how they can progress. In collecting this information, we are able to compile the student’s attainment and progress in regular reports.

An assessment schedule is arranged for each term so that students are able to plan their study and to ensure that particular days or weeks are not too demanding.

Assessment in MYP

All assessment in the MYP is internal and is carried out according to criteria. Since each subject requires different skills and knowledge, each subject has different criteria. When assessing each criteria, teachers will give students a level which matches a specific description of what they can do and what they have demonstrated.

Assessment is continuous to reflect the continuous learning of the students. Students are exposed to a variety of different types of assessment, including exam style tasks that help them to prepare for the demands of subsequent education programmes. To ensure that the levels given are consistent, teachers will standardize each assessment task. This process requires teachers to meet after each assessment to discuss and review the levels given and to match up their understanding of the descriptions of each criterion.

In addition to assessment in subjects, the MYP assesses the Personal Project in the final year.

The IB Diploma

In the Diploma Programme, there is both internal and external assessment. The amount of each type of assessment varies slightly according to subject, but is usually around 201.1A to 801. EA. 

Diploma Programme assessment also includes the core elements of Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. The theory of knowledge is made up of both internal and externally assessed components. The extended essay is externally assessed. 

Students are also required to complete a programme of CAS (Community, Action, Service), in which they participate in and reflect upon a wide range of activities. Students will be awarded the IB Diploma where they meet the requirements laid down by the IBO.

Diploma Courses (Certificate)

Students may opt to study Diploma courses instead of the full diploma. This gives students more flexibility in the subjects may want to study or  the level of study. Students and one certificate can take up to 6 subjects, at any level. There is no requirement to complete the core, although some students may opt to do so.