School History


1965, 1984 & 1996

  • Victoria Kindergarten was established at Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay.
  • Our first primary school, the C.S. Victoria English Primary School, was established in Tai Hang.

1996 - 2000

  • The Opening Ceremony and Open Day for Victoria English Primary School, Kindergarten and Pre-school (Taikoo Shing) were held in December.
  • C.S. Victoria English Primary School was renamed Victoria English Primary School (Causeway Bay), and relocated to Eastern Hospital Road, Causeway Bay. 
  • Parent Teacher Association of Primary Section was first established.
  • The Opening Ceremony cum Open Day were held in May 2000.

2001 -2002

  • Mr. Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, JP, Director of Education, visited our primary school.
  • A piece of land at Shum Wan Road was allotted for the building of our “through-train” primary and secondary school, Victoria Shanghai Academy, after permission was granted by the Education and Manpower Bureau.
  • Appointment of Mr. Yung Ying Cheuk as Principal of Primary Section.


  • A subsidy of HK$230 million was granted by the government for the construction cost of the campus at Shum Wan Road.
  • Victoria Shanghai Academy started its primary programmes at the temporary campus in Wan Chai in September.  The secondary programmes were also planned for September 2005, and the Academy was scheduled to move to the new campus at Shum Wan Road in 2007.
  • Our Primary Section completed the IB pre-authorization.
  • Appointment of Dr. Sherrill Shiu as Head of School.


  • Authorization of the Primary School for the IB Primary Years Programme in December.


  • Authorization of the Secondary School for the IB Middle Years Programme in December.
  • Parent Teacher Association of Secondary School was established.


  • Appointment of Mrs. Diane Fisk as Principal of Primary Section
  • Authorization of the Secondary School for the IB Diploma Programme in June to become the first “through-train’ IB World School in Hong Kong.
  • Secondary Section moved to Shum Wan Campus in September and Primary Section in November.
  • Appointment of Dr. Maggie Koong as Head of Academy

2008 - 2010

  • Official Grand Opening of the new campus by Mr. Michael Suen Ming Yeung, GBS CBS JP, Secretary of Education.
  • Appointment of Mrs. Susan Smith as Principal of Primary Section.
  • Appointment of Mr. Richard Parker as Principal of Secondary Section.
  • Ms. Cherry Tse Ling Kit Ching, JP, Permanent Secondary for Education, visited the school.

2011 - 2012

  • Membership granted by Council of International School.


  • Issuance of Debenture.
  • Appointment of Dr. Maggie Koong as Deputy Supervisor.
  • Appointment of Mrs. Diana Wong as Acting Head of Academy.


  • Fully Accredited by The International Baccalaureate, The Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools & Colleges.
  • Appointment of Mrs. Christine Shain as Head of Academy.


  • Appointment of Dr. Judith Guy as Head of Academy and Secondary Principal.


  • Appointment of Mr. Ross Dawson as Primary Principal.