Primary Library


Our VSA Primary Library is a superb facility at the heart of our school and the IB curriculum.  All children benefit from access to well over 40 000 books, covering the interests and reading stages of the full Primary range.

Through the use of our library we want children to grow up loving books and with the skills they need to access and use information. Weekly sessions in the library ensure all children are constantly reminded about the breadth and variety offered by books, and are given time to browse and borrow something to enjoy at home with families.

Our facilities include

  • An extensive collection of Chinese and English picture books for younger children
  • Longer ‘chapter’ books aimed at those in the mid Primary years, again in both English and Chinese
  • A very large, shared collection of fiction books, again in English and Chinese. These are shared with the Secondary library and aimed at our older and more able readers
  • A non fiction section that supports our curriculum and other areas of study and interest in both Chinese and English
  • Reference books and Teacher Resources
  • A bank of computers for additional research
  • Children’s magazines and periodicals
  • Teaching areas for library lessons and soft seating for enjoying a book with an adult or a friend.

Children learn from the day they start with us how to use the library to best effect. They are encouraged to borrow both Chinese and English books in order to take full advantage of the opportunities they have as a member of a world-wide, bilingual school.