Community, Action & Service


At VSA, students organise and participate in a wide range of activities,both locally and globally, through which they develop a greater sense of international mindedness and social responsibility.

Primary Years Programme -  Action

An important aspect of the PYP program is student initiated Action. Students are encouraged to reflect, make informed choices and take action that will help their peers and the wider community.

As well as modifying individual attitudes and behaviour, students support local and overseas charities by fundraising and participating in community service.

Middle Years Programme - Community Service

Community & Service is an integral part of the IB MYP curriculum. It embraces three core elements:

  • Continuity – students understand their roles and responsibilities in the communities in which they live; they persevere to take part in steady and continued services activities so that they will further build on the sense of connectedness between themselves and their communities.
  • Involvement – students find out the needs of the recipients of the service, then plan for the most apposite actions which lead to eventual personal investment of time and energy.
  • Reflection – students identify areas where improvement is needed and spur on to more effective action in the future.

Diploma Programme - Creativity, Activity & Service

All Diploma students participate in the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme.  Students design and lead a wide range of creative pursuits, physical activities and community service projects in local, national and international contexts. Through the CAS programme, students develop qualities and skills such as greater self awareness, collaboration and perseverence.