Student Leadership


Student leadership is an important part of the education provided at VSA and there are a number of opportunities for students of all ages to develop leadership skills. Taking on such roles helps students to develop confidence, problem solving and communication skills.


Prefects assist the teachers in a range of capacities, assisting at school events and carrying out duties at the school under the supervision of teachers. Prefects are appointed by the Principal and guided by a supervising teacher.

Student Council

The Student Council is elected by the student body each year and is made up of students from every year group.  It plays a key role in providing a student voice and works with the school’s administration to develop the range of services and acitivites offered to students.

House Captains

House Captains are elected by their peers and lead the four houses at sporting and other events. They organize a range of activities throughout the year to improve school spirit, foster competition and enhance the sense of community at VSA.

Primary Befrienders

The Befrienders are a homegrown VSA concept: – to ensure that all students are cared for by their peers. The role of Befrienders is largely to help students that may be having difficulties during recess time to become more social and make friends. They are guides, friends and fellow school mates that can lend a helping hand in a number of different ways. This important role is filled by students that have proven to be risk-takers, caring, and principled.

Secondary Peer Support Leaders

Peer Support Leaders help new students to settle into the secondary school and to get to know each other. They act as points of contact to new students and encourage communication between students in different year groups. Peer Support Leaders are role models for new and other students.