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Whole School Management Committee

The Whole School Management Committee consists of 

Dr. Maggie KOONG, BBS, JP Head of Academy
Mr. Ross DAWSON Primary School Principal
Ms. Shirla SUM Secondary School Principal
Ms. Katherine ROSS Secondary Deputy Principal (Academics)
Ms. Lesley-Ann HARRISON Secondary Deputy Principal (Student Life)
Mr. Jeremy LAI Secondary Deputy Principal (Secondary Programmes)
Mrs. Rebecca LUCAS-TIMPANY Secondary Deputy Principal (Student Support)
Ms. Penn CHOW Primary Deputy Principal
Mr. Tom WOODS Primary Deputy Principal
Mr. Francis WONG Financial Controller

VSA Insights 

VSA Insights is a regular column written by our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on news and updates in the school community, and on topics related to student development. The column is intended to provide more in-depth information on campus affairs at VSA in order for parents to have a transparent look into student life and for the SLT to share across reading material which may interest the parents and students alike.