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Alumni Association

You are all distinctive waves, each perpetuating unique rhythms that I will miss very, very much. Whichever direction your current decides to take, as we continue to collide with other waves of the world, we will create greatness- an impact that extends across the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gulf of Guinea- across the unimaginable expanse of the universe. And perhaps one day, our paths will cross again as one unexpected wave meets another. Audrey Wang (Valedictorian, Class of 2015)


Creating greatness: staying connected with the VSA Alumni Association


The Alumni Association was established in 2012 when VSA saw the importance of establishing a network to connect the ever-growing students who graduated from VSA every year.  The Association promotes unity and fellowships amongst current students and graduates of the Academy, promotes activities, fosters alumni networks and contacts in Hong Kong and overseas, as well as raises funds for the development and advancement of the Academy.

Since the establishment of the Alumni Association, members across different countries have actively involved in homecoming activities, gatherings as well as university/ career sharing with students of the Academy. The Association aims to continue the VSA spirit in the years to come.


The Alumni Association has maintained an active and close relation with the alma mater, seeking ways to improve the network of VSA alumni and benefits for the members.

  • NETWORKS - stay connected to your friends met in VSA even if our high school days are long past and be part of a growing global network of alumni 
  • IMPACTS - give back to VSA by sharing your experience of further education and careers to VSA students to broaden their horizons 


  • Alumni Gmail account (i.e. student
  • Alumni card for campus access and facility booking
  • Newsletters
  • Invitation to complimentary networking events
  • Invitation to school events

The Academy and the Alumni Association are always interested in knowing life updates of our alumni.  Ranging from their achievements and careers, to the exploration of a new chapter of their lives, we are always more than happy to hear from you!  So keep us updated, make sure you have uploaded your latest information to enjoy all of the benefits and joy of being a VSA alumni!

To know more, please visit the VSA Alumni Association's website