Victoria Shanghai Academy


●    The admissions policy at VSA echoes with its guiding statement which is to develop passionate, healthy and accomplished bilingual learners who are globally engaged.
●    VSA’s admissions policy is inclusive and non-discriminatory. In regards to religion and race, customs will be respected provided they do not disrupt the school routine, interfere with the learning of other students. In addition, we are sensitive to students’ individual needs and will provide a wide range of support for students who have language and learning needs, physical and medical conditions, or social, emotional and behavioural issues. The school may require parents to allow their children to undergo psychoeducational assessment in order for them to receive appropriate and comprehensive support.


●    As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, we offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP). These form the basis of a rigorous education through a well-developed curriculum that fosters academic excellence.
●    As a Global IB School, we provide a bilingual and stimulating learning environment to promote 
student agency and intercultural understanding for local students as well as students from diverse backgrounds.


General Admissions Criteria

●    In accordance with our PIS service agreement, we are obliged to ensure 70% of places are reserved for Hong Kong Permanent Residents.
●    In compliance with Hong Kong Law, students must be Hong Kong Permanent Residents or Residents with a valid Hong Kong visa stamp.
●    Factors of consideration for admissions:  

  • Communication skills in Chinese and English (For Y1-2 applicants, students must demonstrate strength in at least one language (Chinese or English), necessary to build our bilingual foundation.)
  • For Y2-Y11 applications, entrance assessment results of languages (reading and literacy skills in both Chinese and English) and Mathematics 
  • Others such as critical thinking, logical response, etc. to see if applicants have the right profile to be active partners in learning who will positively contribute to our learning community 
  • Reference from previous schools, such as Victoria Kindergarten survey form, school reports, school reference letter

●    Admission procedures are tailored to different age groups across the school.

Priority in the admissions process

●      In the case of candidates of similar calibre, considerations may be given to parties who have  strong bonding with the VSA community, such as but not limited to

  • nominees of debenture holders,
  • nominees of school board members,
  • children of VSA staff,
  • siblings of VSA students,
  • students from our feeder kindergartens,
  • child of alumni.

Application results release

●    Application results are released within 4 weeks from the assessment and/or parent interview date (whichever is later) and will fall into any one of the following categories :

  • acceptance
  • second interview (in the case of primary application)
  • waitlist
  • decline




Year 1 Admissions

  • Applications for Year One admissions are accepted from October each year. Parent information evening is in early February of the preceding year e.g. February 2021 for admission in August 2022.
  • The deadline for application is March in the same year as the parent information evening e.g. March 2021 for August 2022 admission.
  • No late applications will be accepted, unless in the case of debenture holders.
  • Priority is given to student applicants from Victoria kindergartens or debenture holders.
  • New students entering Victoria Kindergartens K3 are also eligible to apply for admissions to Year One (for the following academic year). However, the applicants will only be notified for acceptance when a vacancy arise.
  • Students that miss the original interview because of illness may be interviewed in the following weeks following submission of a medical certificate.
  • Following the interviews, there will be four categories:
  1. Acceptance
  2. Students to be given second interview to be held in June or September.  Second interviews will only be offered to siblings and/or debenture holders.  At the interviews in September, students that have entered K3 classes and late debenture holders will also be interviewed
  3. Waitlist
  4. Decline

Parent Tours :

Read the circular here for more details.

Parents’ Information Session for Year 1

Please click on the video (English / Chinese) which will give you
more information about our Primary Years Programme.


Year 2-11 Admissions

Introductory Meetings and School Tours

Introductory meetings for prospective parents and students are organized on selected dates during the academic year.  Schedule is available for parents’ booking online.  There will be a guided school tour and Q&A session in each scheduled event.


Online application can be submitted with the following:

  • A passport size of applicant’s photo
  • A copy of applicant’s HKID Card / Birth Certificate / Passport (for a non-local child, please also provide a copy of the Immigration Endorsement on his/her passport showing the expiry date of visa/entry permit)
  • A copy of the applicant’s report cards for the last two years
  • Non-refundable application fee of HK$1000 

Booking of Parent Tours and Secondary Introductory Session

School tour sessions for this academic year have commenced. Please click here for details. Thank you.  



Application Timeline

School Year
Year Level
Application Deadline
Entrance Assessment
Year 1
Year 2 - 10 Applications Open Assessment dates to be notified individually Within 1 month after assessment
Year 11 Closed
Year 1
Year 2 - 11         Applications Open Assessment dates to be notified individually Within 1 month after assessment
Year 1 1 March 2021 Please click here for details

Entrance Assessment

Applicants will be invited to an interview if a school place is available.

Year 1

All applicants are interviewed in a group setting (in English and Putonghua).  Shortlisted students and parents are invited to attend a parent interview with a member of the Senior Management Team.

Year 2 – Year 11

Applicants need to take written assessments for Chinese language, English language and mathematics. They also need to attend interviews in English and Putonghua.  Preliminary parent interview is arranged for MYP and DP applicants on the date of written assessment.  Based on written assessment results, shortlisted students’ parents (PYP, MYP, DP) will be invited on a latter date to attend a more in-depth parent meeting with a member of the Senior Management Team.


Age Requirements

Grade Level
Minimum Age
(by August of year of entry)
Year 1 5 years 8 months
Year 2 6 years 8 months
Year 3 7 years 8 months
Year 4 8 years 8 months
Year 5 9 years 8 months
Year 6 10 years 8 months
Year 7 11 years 8 months
Year 8 12 years 8 months
Year 9 13 years 8 months
Year 10 14 years 8 months
Year 11 15 years 8 months


Please contact the Admissions Office for more information.
Tel: (852) 3402-1024
Fax: (852) 3402-1099