Victoria Shanghai Academy


In line with our mission of supporting students to become happy, healthy and accomplished, VSA’s guidance and counselling services aim to help every individual student to reach their full potential in all aspects of school life. We provide:

  • Individual and group guidance and counselling
  • Parent information sessions and workshops
  • Coaching and mentoring programmes


Learning Support

Our learning and language support teams work with teachers, students and parents to ensure that all students have full access to the curriculum. We run a range of services including:

  • Co-teaching
  • Assistance for teachers with differentiation and other learning support strategies
  • Social skills building groups
  • Intensive support classes
  • Peer-mentoring


University Counselling

The goal of the University Counselling Office (UCO) is to help place all leaving students in a university suitable for them academically and socially. Finding a good and proper match between student and university is our most important goal. The UCO holds an annual University Fair for students and parents to meet with university representatives from around the world, as well as various events throughout the year to help student and parents with the university selection and application process. It maintains a library of university publications, schedules visits to the school by university representatives throughout the year and participates in professional conferences. Our work includes:

  • Advising on IB diploma course selection 
  • Assisting students in university program selection, 
  • Advising on writing personal statements and application essays
  • Reviews of applications
  • Writing student recommendations and preparing transcripts
  • Assisting with mock entrance interviews. 
  • Advises on and conducting standardized tests 


For University Visitors

Please refer to our support services website for details and contact information.


For more information about our student support services, please see our dedicated website.