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The goal of the University Counselling Office (UCO) is to help place all leaving students in a university suitable for them academically and socially. We believe the student must play the primary role in the university search and application process. The university application process is another element in the education of students at VSA as it provides, much like the IB learner profile, an opportunity for inquiry, reflection and self-discovery. Choosing a university requires commitment, dedication and follow through. We will provide the necessary information, guidance and support to facilitate parents' and students' decisions. We are certainly aware of the importance of the results but we believe that finding a good and proper match between student and university is the most important goal of the UCO. We welcome parental questions along the way and will fully facilitate students to make decisions in the best of their interests.

The UCO is responsible for advising and assisting VSA students in their university selection and applications and to represent the school to the higher education community. It advises on IB diploma course selection to ensure applicants have proper university entrance qualifications. It assists students in university program selection, advises on writing personal statements and application essays, reviews actual applications, writes student recommendations, prepares student transcripts and assists with mock entrance interviews. It advises on and conducts standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT and ACT. It then advises on multiple offers and assists in matriculation acceptance. The UCO holds an annual University Fair for students and parents to meet with university representatives from around the world, as well as various events throughout the year to help student and parents with the university selection and application process. It maintains a library of university publications, schedules visits to the school by university representatives throughout the year and participates in professional conferences.

For University Visitors

Please refer to our calendar below and submit the "Request for University Visit" online form to request a visit at VSA. The best times to visit are Monday – Friday, during recess from 10:45am – 11:05am, and lunch time from 1:10pm – 2:05pm.

For ease of planning, we encourage visitors who are visiting Singapore International School (SIS) or Canadian International School (CDNIS) to come visit us as well. There is a staircase which visitors can use to walk from CDNIS to VSA. For this reason, we encourage visitors to visit CDNIS first before coming to VSA. To view VSA in relation to those schools, please click here.


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