Victoria Shanghai Academy

Victoria Shanghai Education Foundation Limited (the “Foundation”) is a private co-educational institution which receives no regular funding or grants from the Hong Kong Government. Victoria Shanghai Academy is sponsored and operated by the Foundation. In order to meet the long-term financial commitments of the Foundation, a debenture program was introduced in March 2013 to raise capital for funding various long-term projects for improving and enhancing its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

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Debenture Information (for Third Tranche)

Debenture Scheme (2014 Version)

Individual Debenture Application Form (Closed)

Corporate Debenture Application Form (Closed)

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Latest Transfer Price in Second-Hand Market:

Individual Debenture Transfer HK$4,800,000
Corporate Debenture Transfer HK$6,500,000


Application Forms for Debenture Transfer
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Individual Debenture Form for Transferor Form for Transferee
Corporate Debenture Form for Transferor Form for Transferee

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