Victoria Shanghai Academy

3 IB perfect scorers at VSA shared IB program tips 

Smart Parents, 29 July 2021

IB Programme enhances students' ability to cope with stress
VSA achieved a record high of 3 IB perfect scorers

Ming Pao, 7 July 2021

IB Perfect Scorers: 3 VSA full scorers plan to study Medicine

TOPick, 6 July 2021

3 VSA students named full scorers
The female top scorer plans to study Medicine in Hong Kong

HK01, 6 July 2021

VSA achieved a record high of 3 perfect IB scorers, pursuing their dreams of becoming a doctor

Headline Daily, 6 July 2021

60 VSA students and staff participated in group vaccination programme
Prof. Sophia Chan, JP, Secretary for Food and Health urged people to get vaccinated early

Headline Daily, 24 June 2021

60 VSA students and staff participated in group vaccination programme
Prof. Sophia Chan, JP, Secretary for Food and Health visited the vaccination centre to observe its operation

Passion Times, 24 June 2021

VSA students and staff got the BioNTech vaccine

Oriental Daily, 24 June 2021

21st Century Trend in Education - Design Thinking

Sing Tao, 20 May 2021

HK School Nurtures Future Leaders through IB Education Empowered by Design Thinking

The Standard, 17 May 2021

VSA Students: IB Programme Develops Critical Thinking Skills

Hong Kong Economic Times, 10 April 2021

Two VSA Students Awarded the Hong Kong Island Outstanding Students Award

TOPick, 26 March 2021

Two VSA Students Awarded the Hong Kong Island Outstanding Students Award, 23 March 2021

Resumption of In-Person Classes at Victoria Shanghai Academy

ToPick, 3 March 2021

First School in Southern District to Resume Whole School In-person Classes, 1 March 2021

Through-train IB World School: VSA's Year 1 Application Deadline on 1 March

ToPick, 18 February 2021

IB Education: Enhancing Students' Wellbeing

TOPick, 4 February 2021

Promoting Mental and Physical Wellbeing in IB Education for Students' Lifelong Success

The Standard, 28 January 2021

Hong Kong Secondary School Students Compete in Three Major International Science Competitions and Win Multiple Awards

Sky Post, 28 December 2020

Bilingual Learners: How to Embrace their Chinese Heritage?

Sing Tao Daily, 11 November 2020

How International Baccalaureate Students Embrace their Chinese Heritage

The Standard, 10 November 2020

VSA Student: Touching Lives Through Music

Ming Pao, 30 Sep 2020

How a Hong Kong Teenager Plan to Heal the World

South China Morning Post, 29 Sep 2020

One VSA Student Named Perfect Scorer

TOPick, 19 Aug 2020

Hong Kong International Baccalaureate Students See Grades Improve After Scores Adjusted Worldwide

South China Morning Post, 19 Aug 2020

Through-train IB Education Inspires Students' Career Planning at Young Age

The Standard, 9 Jul 2020

Through-train IB Education Nutures Future Leaders

Ming Pao, 9 Jul 2020

IB Result - 4 Students with 44 Points

South China Morning Post, 6 Jul 2020

VSA Scorers Shares IB Program Tips

TOPick, 6 Jul 2020

IB Result - 4 Students with 44 Points & 4 Students with 43 Points, 6 Jul 2020

Four Students with Near-Perfect 44 Points 

TOPick, 6 Jul 2020

IB Examinations

TOPick, 24 Mar 2020

Princeton MUN

SCMP YP, 2 Dec 2019

VSA 2019 IB Top Scorers

Smart Parents, 27 Aug 2019

VSA Art Exhibition at K11

HKET, 17 May 2019

VSA Art Exhibition at K11

Sing Tao Daily, 16 May 2019

Flag Raising at VSA

Ta Kung Pao, 22 March 2019

VSA at Yale MUN

SCMP, 1 February 2019

Hong Kong’s first wheelchair parade hosted by Direction Association for the Handicapped

Wen Wei Po, 23 January 2018

Running a Newsroom at VSA

SCMP, 14 December 2018

Immersing in the STEAM Programme at VSA

Singtao Education, 6 December 2018

VSA Student-Athletes Pursues All-Round Excellence

TOPick, 28 November 2018

VSA Swimmers on Accomplishing it All

SCMP, 25 November 2018

VSA Student wins Championship in the HKSSF Fencing Competition, 22 October 2018

VSA Swimming Girls A Team won Champion at HKSSF Swimming Competition, 19 October 2018

VSA Hosts China Lecture Series ‘Life is Experience’

Ta Kung Pao, 10 October 2018

New Secondary Principal Insights on IB Programme, 31 August 2018

VSA Nurtures Future Global Citizens

Singtao Daily, 6 July 2018

VSA Graduates Received Offers from First Choice Universities

Singtao Daily, 6 July 2018

38 Hong Kong students get full marks on the 2018 International Baccalaureate (IB) exam

Young, 6 July 2018

VSA Perfect Scorer Aspires to Cure Lives as Doctor, 6 July 2018

33 IB Top Scorers in Hong Kong and Counting, 6 July 2018

20% of the World's 186 IB Top Scorers Come from Hong Kong, 6 July 2018

33 IB Top Scorers in Hong Kong and Counting, 6 July 2018

PYP Exhibition Demonstrates International-Mindedness of IB Students, 26 June 2018

Nurturing the Creative Spark

South China Morning Post, 6 June 2018

Nine Hong Kong Outstanding Students of the Year Announced

Singtao Daily, 20 May 2018

VSA Student Launched Charity Book Drive for Orphans in Thailand & Vietnam

Apple, 19 May 2018

Schools with IB Curriculum Popular Among Parents

Singtao Daily, 9 April 2018

VSA Launches External Scholarships

Mingpao, 20 March 2018

VSA Nurtures Primary Students' Problem Solving Skills

Sunday Kiss, 15 March 2018

VSA Family Fun Day a Celebration of the VSA Community

Singtao Daily, 15 March 2018

SCMP Student of the Year: Hungry, humble, and great

SCMP Young Post, 14 March 2018

National Geography Photography Contest - Hong Kong in the Eyes of Teens

Hong Kong Economic Times, 28 February 2018

All in the Mind

Expat Parent, February 2018 Issue

Students Getting Entrepreneurial & Addressed UN Global Goals at VSA #MakerJamSlam

Hong Kong Economic Times, 21 December 2017

VSA the Through Train IB World School

Sky Post, 21 December 2017

Scholarship Opportunities at VSA, 6 December 2017

VSA Promotes Service Learning Through CAS Programme

Singtao Daily, 13 November 2017

Speaking in Two Tongues

Good Schools Guide, Autumn 2017 Issue

School Visit: Victoria Shanghai Academy

Expat Parent Schools Guide 2017 Issue

Summer of Love

Expat Parent, August 2017 Issue

Getting to know IBDP: Testimonials from VSA Students, 9 August 2017

VSA Unleashes Potential and Nutures "Happy, Healthy and Accomplished" Students

Singtao Daily, 6 July 2017

Six 44-point IB Scorers from VSA, 6 July 2017

VSA Top Student Admitted by Oxford, 6 July 2017

VSA Produced Six Near-perfect Scorers in IB Exam

Singtao Daily, 6 July 2017

VSA Top Students Admitted by Cambridge and Oxford

Singtao Daily, 6 July 2017

St. Paul’s Co-educational College and CDNIS among Hong Kong schools to boast students with perfect IB scores

Young, 6 July 2017

Jockey Club Futsal Cup Championship Announced Results

Oriental Daily, 3 July 2017

Jockey Club Futsal Cup School Division Championship 2016-17, 2 July 2017

Turning Passions into Accomplishments

SCMP, 6 June 2017

VSA Developing Global Citizens with Through-train IB Programmes

18/19 Primary School Guide, June 2017

Hong Kong Outstanding Students 2016-17

Singtao Daily, 25 May 2017

VSA Summer School Combines Academic Classes with Co-curricular Classes

Smart Parents, 18 May 2017

Sai Kung Dog Shelter Invited to Aberdeen School

Sai Kung Buzz, 1 May 2017

Things are going swimmingly

SCMP Young Post, 16 May 2017

Fencing into a New Page

Sportsroad Junior, May 2017 Issue

Swimming towards the World

Sportsroad Junior, 7 May 2017

The lion, the witch and the musical

SCMP Young Post, 7 May 2017

Victoria Shanghai Academy Introduces Inquiry-based Learning

Smart Parents, 4 May 2017

Student Awards have Impact in the Community

SCMP Young Post, 31 Mar 2017

A Different Kind of Homework for an IB Y10 Student, 8 March 2017

Envisioning an Bilingual IB Education for Your Children

Singtao Daily, 7 March 2017

2016 SOTY: Meet our Talented Winners

Young, 28 Feb 2017

Student of the Year: Words from the Winners

SCMP Young Post, 28 Feb 2017

Student of the Year: SOTY scrapbook

SCMP Young Post, 26 Feb 2017

Best Devotion to School

SCMP Young Post, 23 Feb 2017

Student of the year: Athletic glory and goals

SCMP Young Post, 9 Feb 2017

Students tackle world issues

Expat Parent, Jan 2017 Issue

School Visit: Victoria Shanghai Academy

Southside Magazine, Jan 2017 Issue

[Atypical School Visit?] VSA Whole School Carol Concert

Education Post, 14 December 2016

VSA Whole School Carol Concert, 8 December 2016

Junior Model United Nations Debated Human Trafficking

Singtao Daily, 4 December 2016

Principal's office

Expat Parent, Dec 2016 Issue

Best of both worlds

Expat Parent, Dec 2016 Issue

Unlocking Student Potential - an IB Education at Victoria Shanghai Academy

The Standard Quality Schools Guide, Oct/Nov 2016 Issue

Utilising ICT to Facilitate Learning and Teaching

Singtao Daily, 10 November 2016

VSA: IB is for Every Student

Hong Kong Economic Times, 19 October 2016

VSA Y11 Student Launches Chinese Newsletter for the School

Singtao Daily, 19 October 2016

Perfect IB scorer 2016: Angus Leung, VSA

Education Post, 25 July 2016