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Two Victoria Shanghai Academy Students Named Perfect IB Scorers, With Average Mean Score above 36 points for Three Years in a Row

Posted on: Friday 06 Jul 2018

Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA) congratulates our Class of 2018 for their impressive results on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma examinations this year. Two students achieved the perfect IB score of 45 points. For the third year in a row, VSA’s average score is above 36 points. 90% of our students achieved above the global mean score of 29.87 (May 2017). In addition to the two perfect scorers, one VSA student achieved a near-perfect 44 points, and 22 students in total achieved 40 points or higher in their IB results. A total of 21 students received the Bilingual Diploma.

This is the sixth year in our ten short years of graduating senior students for our students to attain perfect score. The two VSA perfect scorers, LIU Cheuk Yin Cherrie and SIN Zhen Ye Daniel, together with LAM Tsz Long Noxx who scored 44 points, have all received through-train education at VSA since kindergarten at Victoria Educational Organisation.

LIU Cheuk Yin Cherrie (scored 45 points) is a serious learner and an active student writer for the school newspaper. She received a full scholarship for her 2-year IBDP study, and believes that maintaining a good balance between academic study and extracurricular activities is the formula to success. “My family have always been my greatest support, and I plan to pursue an education in Medicine or Biochemistry in Hong Kong.”

SIN Zhen Ye Daniel (scored 45 points) was the Head Prefect of the School, a principled student and an inquisitive learner. Having achieved a full score of 63 from IB MYP in Y10, Sin received a full scholarship for his 2-year IBDP study. He plans to pursue an education in Biological Science at Durham University in UK, or at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “VSA encourages us to think about real-life applications of the concepts we acquired in class. This grows my natural curiosity for knowledge and shaped my career aspiration to engage in laboratory research in bacteria.” he shares.

LAM Tsz Long Noxx (scored 44 points) has been a prominent student leader. He is also very entrepreneurial. As the Head Boy of the School and founder of the school’s Campus TV team and the student photography team, Lam was recognised as one of the ten Hong Kong Outstanding Students by Youth Arch Foundation in 2017, and was also selected as the winner of the 2016 SCMP Student of the Year Award (Best Devotion to School Category). Lam received a full scholarship for his 2-year IBDP study. “I am looking forward to studying Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As CUHK is one of the pioneers in minimally invasive surgical skills development in the Asia Pacific, joining the CUHK medicine undergraduate programme will be an invaluable stepping stone for me in pursuing my aspiration of becoming a robotic surgeon.” Lam shares.

VSA Head of Academy and Secondary Principal Dr. Judith Guy said, “The resounding success of VSA students on the IB Diploma examinations again this year is a tribute to our students’ commitment and our teachers’ dedication. VSA has high academic expectations for our students. We are proud to see the trend where a greater proportion of our students have taken up the challenge of a bilingual diploma. This trend is reflective of the solid bilingual foundation they attained throughout their education at VSA. The close alignment of VSA curriculum and philosophy with IB principles and practices ensures that VSA remains one of the more competitive IB World Schools in Hong Kong.”
VSA’s graduating class are well equipped to establish themselves as global transnationals as they go out into the world, including King’s College London, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Durham University in the UK; Boston University, University of California, Los Angeles, and University of Southern California in the US; Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia in Canada; Monash University and University of Sydney in Australia; and The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.

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