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VSA Four Top Scorers Excel in IB Diploma Programme

Posted on: Monday 06 Jul 2020

Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA) is pleased to congratulate Class of 2020 for its excellent International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results with a commendable 100% pass rate. Despite all challenges in 2019/20, the cohort has continued to outperform this year. Three out of four students have received through-train education at VSA since kindergarten at Victoria Educational Organisation.

  • Four students scored a near-perfect 44 points
  • Four students received 43 points
  • Average mean score of 36.5

CHAN Yik Hin Justin (scored 44 points) plans to study Medicine at University of Hong Kong to benefit the health and welfare of people. At VSA he was part of the “Piece of Mind” club to promote the school’s counselling services and to reduce the stigma from attending counselling. Justin believes the IB programmes address not only students’ intellectual development but also their social and emotional progress. The flexibility of creating new CAS clubs within the school also helps him to accomplish his goals and to pursue his interests, whilst enjoying “Creativity, Activity and Service” programmes at the same time.

CHAN Jason (scored 44 points) has been an outstanding student with academic, extra-curricular and community service achievements. Aside from receiving the Academic Excellence Scholarship for 5 consecutive years, Jason is a soccer talent who won the Champion of Jockey Club Futsal Cup and overall second runner-up of HKSSF Soccer Competition; a founder of Eco-Warriors club that promotes environmental sustainability. He credits VSA teachers for his academic success as they encouraged him to inquire, explore and be proactive which allowed him to become a passionate learner. With all the skills he acquired from the IB program, Jason plans to study Business Administration at University of Southern California.

CHEANG Ching Hang Angie (scored 44 points) excels in Mathematics and has received Mathematician Award for 7 consecutive years. Leading the Mathematics Team and Coding Club allows Angie to take initiative of her own learning and be an adventurer to discover new things. Looking back, she says, “VSA provides a great learning environment that encourages us to be independent while offering a lot of valuable opportunities to pursue our interests.” She will carry on the values the school has instilled in her to Imperial College London where she will study Mechanical Engineering.

SHING Hoi Tung Elizabeth (scored 44 points) plans to study Pharmacy at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Aiming to become a pharmacist, she sparked her interest in the field through her Biology lessons at VSA where she first got in touch with pharmaceutical research. Being cultivated to have critical thinking skills and a sense of international-mindedness, Elizabeth is eager to explore the ethical and appropriate use of drugs, achieving her aspiration in benefiting society with cost-effective and safe medicine. Sharing on IB tips, she encourages students to explore their own personalities and develop personal interests to cope with stress while pursuing academic excellence.


VSA Secondary Principal Mr. Christopher Coates said, “The entire VSA community is incredibly proud of our 2020 graduates and their impressive IB diploma results. The results show that even during these unprecedented times, our students still strive for the best they can be – truly an accolade to our students’ commitment and our teachers’ dedication. Throughout the PYP, MYP and DP programmes, students are encouraged to be 'balanced' and thus aspire for academic AND personal excellence. Not only do they achieve abundant academic success, but they also are brilliant athletes, artists, volunteers, innovators, citizens and leaders. They epitomise what our aim to achieve at VSA - multi talented and accomplished young adults who are ready to make their positive mark on the world.” 

VSA’s graduating class are well equipped to establish themselves as global transnationals as they go out into the world, including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, Emory University, University of California, Irvine in the US; King’s College London, Imperial College London, University of Warwick, University of College London, Durham University in the UK; University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and McGill University in Canada; Monash University and University of Melbourne in Australia; and The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.


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