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VSA Achieved a Record High of 3 Students Being Perfect Scorers in IB Diploma Programme 2021

Posted on: Tuesday 06 Jul 2021

Overview of VSA’s IB Diploma Programme 2021 Results

No. of students scored 45 points


No. of students scored 44 points


Pass rate


Average Score


% of students scored 40 points or above


% of students received the Bilingual Diploma


VSA is pleased to congratulate Class of 2021 on its impressive International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results this year with a record high of 3 students being perfect IB scorers of 45 points and 2 students achieved a near-perfect 44 points. Despite challenges under the pandemic in 2020/21, the cohort has striven their best to achieve a 100% pass rate and an average mean score of 37.5. 

CHAN Oon Ting Albrina (scored 45 points) is a strong communicator. Apart from receiving a few VSA Academic Excellence Scholarships, she was also the awardee of our Special Scholarship (Linguist). She is an open-minded learner with international mindedness. As the Chairperson of VSA Model United Nations, she represented the school to join the international conferences in Princeton University and Yale University. She plans to study Medicine in Hong Kong and explore the development of patient care and medical education in the future.

LAI Suet Yi Allis (scored 45 points) has excelled in different subjects and has received VSA Academic Excellence Scholarship for six years in a row. She has an all-round development in both academics and sports, which not only brought her the Championship in HKSSF Badminton Competition, but also the Hong Kong Island Outstanding Student Award 2020. Allis is also keen on social welfare issues. She is the Co-chairperson of VSA Blood Drive Committee, who collaborated with Hong Kong Red Cross to promote blood donation.  With a strong commitment in helping others, Allis plans to study medicine at Imperial College London and pursue her dream to become a doctor.

WONG Chi Ling Christie (scored 45 points) has a continuous success in academic performance and has received VSA Academic Excellence Scholarship since her study in Middle Year Program. She believes that the scholarships encouraged her to “work harder and strive to be better, let her understand that her efforts are well-recognised”. Christie cares about public health issues and has a vision in helping others. She is the Co-chairperson of VSA Blood Drive Committee, who collaborated with Hong Kong Red Cross to promote blood donation.  With a strong commitment in the medical field, Christie plans to study medicine in Australia.

CHAN Cheung Wai Jane (scored 44 points) is a talented artist and received the VSA Diploma Program Awards for Art. Her learning journey at VSA allows her to develop creativity and independent thinking while providing opportunities for her to widen her horizons through taking part in public art competitions. Jane is also an outstanding leader who organised her own Food Magazine Club. To pave her path of becoming a creative director, she plans to study Fashion Communication and Promotion in Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts London.  

MAK Isaac Yip Kan (scored 44 points) has an aspiration in medical research as he experiences the pandemic. He believes that the responsibility of further medical research falls on his and future generations which leads him to study medicine in the University of Hong Kong. Isaac hopes to further demonstrate his leadership skills acquired from the roles of House Captain and Learning Buddy Mentor. He has his strengths in Science and Mathematics and founded the VSA Lego Robotics Club which provided a platform for students to develop their logical thinking.

Student Pathways At a Glance

Head of Academy Dr. Maggie Koong praised the efforts of the students, “Our outstanding results in the IB Diploma again this year reflect the dedication and commitment of the graduating class and their teachers, especially under the challenging pandemic situation.  The 5 top scorers have joined Victoria since kindergarten and have learnt together like a family for 16 years. Through the journey here, they demonstrate the true IB spirit of developing responsible global citizens with strong academic, social, emotional characteristics.” Secondary School Principal Mr. Christopher Coates said, “Through the students' hard work and determination, they have overcome every possible obstacle they have faced, and there have been many. However, we are most appreciative of the people they have become; these are goal-oriented students of sound characters who always conduct themselves in an ethical manner, regardless of their chosen disciplines. The entire VSA community is extremely proud of their accomplishments.”

VSA’s Class of 2021 are well-equipped to establish themselves as global citizens as they enter top universities around the globe, including


Imperial College London

King’s College London

University College London

Durham University


New York University

Boston University

University of California, Los Angeles


University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

New Zealand:

University of Auckland

Hong Kong:

The University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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