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Victoria Shanghai Academy Student Named Perfect IB Scorer

Posted on: Saturday 06 Jul 2019

Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA) congratulates their Class of 2019 for their impressive results on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma examinations this year. One VSA student achieved the perfect IB score of 45 points and six VSA student achieved a near-perfect 44 points.  The cohort achieved a 100% pass rate, with an average mean score of 37.9, the highest in VSA history. For the fourth year in a row, VSA’s average score is above 36 points. 93.9% of our students achieved above the global mean score of 30. 47% of students achieved 40 points or higher in their IB results. A total of 32 students received the Bilingual Diploma.


This is the seventh year in our eleven short years of graduating senior students for our students to attain perfect score. Six of the seven top students have all received through-train education at VSA since kindergarten at Victoria Educational Organisation.

CHOW Chung Shan Joelle (scored 45 points) is a serious learner and student writer for the school newspaper. She received aScholarship for Academic Achievement and Scholarship for Science, and plans to study Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She aspires to be a humanitarian and trauma medic. “Academically, VSA has given me a plethora of resources and encouraged constant self-exploration and further learning. The teachers here have constantly challenged me to always present my best work, and to look beyond the class syllabus in order to understand topics thoroughly.” shares Chow.

CHAN Cheuk Ying Eunice (scored 44 points) has been a prominent student leader at VSA, being the Deputy Head Girl, President of the UNICEF Club and President of the Math Tutoring Club. She received the Academic Excellence Scholarship throughout her Secondary years and also the Summer Experience Scholarship. She plans to pursue an education in Medicine in Hong Kong as it combines her interest in Science and passion in serving others. “VSA has provided me with a range of opportunities to improve my academic studies as well as enriching my extracurricular experiences. This enabled me to develop vital skills for future studies and career such as communication and leadership skills. The constant encouragement from teachers motivated me to take on leadership roles and partake in service activities. Through such activities, I gained a greater sense of the importance of community and giving back to society.” she shares.

LEUNG Pak Ho Adrian (scored 44 points) is an active sportsman as well as a prefect at VSA. He has won the Subject Excellence Award and Sportsmanship Award on top of winning HKSSF Football competitions on behalf of the school. Despite the demanding workload, he looks forward to attaining a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. On the IB programme, Leung shares: “The IB's learning programme helped us link what we learned in class effectively into our real life, it reassured us that what we are learning is useful and applicable in real life. Freedom in time management also allowed us to practice our self-discipline.”

CHEONG Hoi Lam Lauren (scored 44 points) excels not only in academics but also in sports. She has won Badminton, Basketball and Dragon Boat competitions, while winning the Top Student Award, Subject Excellence Award and the Academic Excellence Scholarship for 6 years. She plans to study Medicine in order to contribute to the health and welfare of people in Hong Kong. She shares how VSA has benefited her: “Although academic excellence is, of course, a major focus at VSA, students are also equipped with the skills and characteristics to make a meaningful impact in life after VSA. Grit, determination, independence, critical thinking are all important ingredients to meet the challenges in our fast-changing world.”

LAU Shing-Jun Joshua (scored 44 points) has discovered his passion for biotechnology through the IB programme’s unique and self-led research projects. “I think that the skills I acquired through these projects at VSA, such as brainstorming unique topics worthy of investigation, data analysis, practical application of class-learned knowledge, and more - will far outlast, and prove far more useful than regular test-taking skills.” he shares. Lau will be studying Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California: San Diego to research genetics and more, in the field of biotechnology.

YEE Tsui (scored 44 points) is a humble and hardworking student that has made a huge difference in the VSA community. She is the founding chairperson the VSA Blood Drive, a leader in the UNICEF club, MVP and Alternate Captain of the VSA Ball Hockey Team, recipient of the VSA Leadership Award, Top Student Award, and the Academic Excellence Scholarship for the past 5 years. She is the only student in Hong Kong to receive the Lester B. Pearson international scholarship at the University of Toronto and will use it to pursue her interest in biomedical research and public health. She aspires to become a physician-scientist. “I have been inspired and supported by many great teachers and staff at VSA, back from when I was a Y1 kid. They enabled me to bring my ideas to life, whether it be related to academic work, or my CAS projects. The degree of involvement that the students have in directing their school life is also great. I have acquired a lot of skills through starting my own clubs and got to develop my character in ways that cannot be achieved in a classroom.” Yee shares.

YUNG Tsz Yin (scored 44 points) is passionate about Mathematics. As the Team Captain of the Math Team, he inspires passion in students for mathematics and has represented VSA at the South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC) in Singapore and has qualified for the World Mathematics Championship (WMC) Finals in Australia. He received the VSA Mathematician Scholarship and VSA School Spirit Scholarship. Externally, he has received various awards in mathematics, including Silver in the Hong Kong & Macau Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest cum The Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest 2016 and Bronze in The Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest 2016. He plans to major in Mechanical Engineering at the Imperial College London and says of his VSA experience, “The learning experience at VSA has taught me to become an independent learner. The huge freedom in creative thinking facilitated by the teachers has motivated me to further pursue individual subjects independently beyond what was required by the core curriculum. I aspire to further pursue my interests in STEM as it aligns with my aspiration to contribute my own impactful part in shaping our future.”


VSA Secondary Principal Mr. Christopher Coates said, “The entire VSA community is incredibly proud of our 2019 graduates and their impressive IB diploma results. This is the culmination of many years of hard work on the part of our students and teachers throughout the PYP, MYP, and DP. Students in the IB are encouraged to be 'balanced' and thus aspire for academic AND personal excellence. These DP results are further evidence of VSA students achieving abundant academic success; but our graduates are also brilliant athletes, artists, volunteers, innovators, citizens and leaders. They epitomise what we are striving to achieve at VSA - multitalented and accomplished young adults who are ready to make their positive mark on the world.”

VSA’s graduating class are well equipped to establish themselves as global transnationals as they go out into the world, including King’s College London, The London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Warwick, Durham University in the UK; New York University, Boston University, University of California, Los Angeles in the US; University of Toronto and University of British Columbia in Canada; Monash University and University of Melbourne in Australia; and The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.


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