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HKICPA Business Case Study Competition

Posted on: Wednesday 24 Jun 2020

25 students from DP Business Management represented VSA and took on the challenge to a higher level by participating in the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) Business Case Study Competition 2020 on 14 February 2020. It is one of the flagship events among the secondary schools, the oral presentation of HKICPA accounting and business management case competition 2019-20 was successfully held online on 16 May 2020.  

This annual event allows senior secondary school students to apply their textbook knowledge in the areas of accounting and business to the real world. It also enhances students' enabling skills such as analytical thinking, time management, presentation skills, creativity, and team building.

Our Business students formed teams with students from other disciplines to do a financial analysis and interpretation of the financial reports of SOGO, a top high street retailer. VSA students’ creativity and personal beliefs of ethics were demonstrated as each team had to identify at least four of SOGO’s achievements in areas such as corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and environmental protection, and make recommendations to SOGO’s management regarding strategies to sustain the SOGO’s growth in Hong Kong’s competitive retail industry. 

It was a tough competition.  507 teams with over 1,740 students from 87 schools joined in both Level 1 and Level 2 competitions this year. Despite not making into the top 3, nonetheless, our Business students made VSA proud by beating the Covid-19 virus. They continued to participate in record numbers despite the school lockdown. Here are some of the comments from the students:

Y11Y2 Wen Xi Sean LEE

During the HKICPA competition, it took a lot of effort out of everyone. Business Management was still quite a new subject that was being taught to us and we were still inexperienced when it comes to analysing a financial report, we also had to sacrifice some working and holiday time to call each other and sometimes meet up to discuss everyone's progress on the analysis. Although it is unfortunate that we didn't win the competition, this experience was very valuable and important as part of our growth in being an independent student and continuously challenging ourselves.

Y11D1 Cheung Wai Jane CHAN

Participating in the HKICPA competition was a valuable experience as it provided me the opportunity to examine Lifestyle International Holdings (SOGO department store) from a business management point of view. This was eye opening as it enriched my understanding towards the multiple aspects required internally and externally for a business to operate smoothly. Working collaboratively and sharing ideas amongst my group was another aspect which I enjoyed as it helped me look into the case study holistically. Writing the report gave me an opportunity to transfer and practise business analytical tools outside a classroom context into a real life situation, which was insightful and meaningful towards solidifying my understanding in Business Management.

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