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DP Students Completed the FedEx Express / Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge Workshop

Posted on: Tuesday 19 Jan 2021

On 7 November 2020, 19 DP Business management students and 4 DP Economics students from (Mr Alric Chong, Mr Matthew Wong, Mr Jeremy Lai, Ms Meeti Dansanghani classes) enrolled and completed the FedEx Express /JA International Trade Challenge Workshop 2020/21. The JA International Trade Workshop is a four-OLE-hour program, which introduces to students the key concepts of international trade. Through expert sharing and hands-on group activities led by business volunteers, students are guided to learn the building blocks of an effective market entry strategy. Students participated in the workshop are eligible for the Hong Kong International Trade Challenge in January 2021, and a further opportunity to advance to the Asia Pacific Finals to compete with winning teams from other countries.

Marcus CHU (Y11D3), one of the BM participants made the following feedback:

“In this year's JA International Trade Challenge Workshop, we were introduced the challenge of creating a Market Entry Strategy Plan, with its target market being in Germany for a medical device product. We were split into groups to practice following the strategy template; including stages such as pricing, promotion, financial planning, and measurement of success, and proposed their market entry strategy plan towards the end of the workshop. This fun experience had led me to a better understanding of how a product can be introduced to the market and the business aspect behind it all. ”

Nako SO (Y11N2) added that:

“During the JA International Trade Challenge Workshop, we investigated the market strategies for a smartphone company, such as the pricing strategy for the costs of the smartphones, the promotion strategy of utilising the media to sell the phones and the placing and distributing strategy to attract more customers from different platforms. The JA workshop indeed simulated the conditions of conducting marketing strategies to sell the product, it also enhanced my understanding of making financial plans as a business management student, utilising the knowledge that I learned from school and applying it to an actual market.”

Some of the BM students “receiving” their workshop certificates awarded by JA Company Programme on 15 Jan 2021 using Zoom meeting

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