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VSA Summer School: The Online Oxford Experience

Posted on: Friday 17 Jul 2020

Learning never stops - Due to the pandemic, VSA-Oxford Summer Program in August will be shifted to virtual learning while the academics from the University of Oxford will continue offering five high-quality introductory university-level courses across fields ranging from Medicine to Law, allowing our students to experience the intellectual rigours of an Oxford education:

1) Constitutional Law (Prof Hayley Hooper)
Relevant Subjects: Law, Politics, Government, International Relations, Ethics, TOK

2) Engineering Sciences (Dr Christopher Vogel)
Relevant Subjects: Engineering, Physics, Mathematics

3) Special Relativity and Black Holes (Dr Peter Hatfield)
Relevant Subjects: Physics, Philosophy, Mathematics

4) Introduction to Public Health and Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Dr Tetyana Vasylyeva)
Relevant Subjects: Public Health, Global Health, Biology, Medicine, Public Policy, Statistics

5) Neuroscience for Medicine (Dr Christopher Horton)
Relevant Subjects: Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Psychiatry, TOK

Be an explorer and happy learning!

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