Victoria Shanghai Academy

1965, 1984 & 1996

  • Establishment of Victoria Kindergarten at Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay
  • Establishment of our first primary school, C.S. Victoria English Primary School, in Tai Hang
  • Establishment of Victoria English Primary School (Taikoo Shing)

1996 - 2000

  • Opening ceremony and open day for Victoria English Primary School, Kindergarten and Pre-school (Taikoo Shing) held in December, 1996
  • Renaming of C.S. Victoria English Primary School to Victoria English Primary School (Causeway Bay), and relocation to Eastern Hospital Road, Causeway Bay
  • Establishment of Parent Teacher Association of Primary Section

2001 - 2002

  • Mr. Matthew CHEUNG Kin-chung, JP, the then Director of Education, visited the primary school
  • Allotment of land at Shum Wan Road by the government for the building of Victoria Shanghai Academy, our “through-train” primary and secondary school, upon the permission of the Education and Manpower Bureau
  • Appointment of Mr. YUNG Ying Cheuk as Primary Principal


  • Granting of HK$230 million government subsidy for the construction of the Shum Wan Road campus
  • Primary programme commenced in September at the temporary campus in Wan Chai
  • IB pre-authorisation for Primary Section completed
  • Appointment of Dr. Sherrill SHIU as Head of School


  • Secondary programmes commenced in September at the temporary campus in Wan Chai
  • Authorisation of the Primary School for IB Primary Years Programme in December


  • Authorisation of the Secondary School for IB Middle Years Programme in December
  • Establishment of Parent Teacher Association of Secondary School


  • Appointment of Mrs. Diane FISK as Primary Principal
  • Authorization of the Secondary School for IB Diploma Programme in June
  • Victoria Shanghai Academy becoming the first “Through-train’ IB World School in Hong Kong
  • Moving-in of Secondary Section to Shum Wan Campus in September
  • Moving-in of Primary Section to Shum Wan Campus in November
  • Appointment of Dr. Maggie KOONG as Head of Academy


  • New campus official grand opening by Mr. Michael SUEN Ming Yeung, GBS CBS JP, then Secretary of Education


  • Appointment of Mrs. Susan SMITH as Primary Principal
  • First DP graduating class at Victoria Shanghai Academy in June


  • Appointment of Mr. Richard PARKER as Secondary Principal
  • Ms. Cherry TSE LING Kit Ching, JP, the then Permanent Secondary for Education, visited the school

2011 - 2012

  • Membership granted by Council of International School


  • Issuance of Debenture
  • Appointment of Dr. Maggie KOONG as Deputy Supervisor
  • Appointment of Mrs. Diana WONG as Acting Head of Academy


  • Victoria Shanghai Academy 10th Anniversary Celebration in academic year 2014/15
  • Joint Accreditation received from The Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools & Colleges


  • Appointment of Dr. Judith GUY as Head of Academy and Secondary Principal


  • Appointment of Mr. Ross DAWSON as Primary Principal


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