Victoria Shanghai Academy

Welcome Message from Dr. Maggie Koong BBS, JP, Head of Academy

We offer you a warm welcome to Victoria Shanghai Academy; a dynamic community of some 1,900 Year 1 to 12 students, parents, faculty and staff working together in pursuit of academic and personal excellence. As a founding head of VSA, I remember well the vision and aspirations of the school when it was founded and I can see the enormous accomplishments that this school has made over that time in realising its vision. In recent years, our academic achievements have been world class. Our bilingual educational model is underpinned by the IB continuum of programmes ensuring that VSA graduates not only have a strong sense of their Chinese heritage but that they are equipped to meet future challenges with 21st-century learning skills and international perspectives.

A student-centred inquiry approach to teaching and learning is emphasized. Our students are seen as individuals, each with their particular strengths and unique abilities. VSA students are encouraged to translate their learning into action by putting into practice their interpretation of our school guiding statements: Value, Strive and Act.

VSA teachers are recruited from more than 15 nationalities. They are passionate, committed, and caring professionals, who guide each student in exploring their talents and fulfilling their promise. Our teachers work phenomenally hard to offer our students amazing opportunities. We have a vibrant arts and music programme; a very successful sports programme and a huge range of CAS and afterschool activities, many student initiatives, enabling students to participate fully in school life and to grow and develop as well-balanced young people.

 I invite you to learn more about VSA and our school vision and mission below.


At VSA our mission is to develop passionate, healthy and accomplished bilingual learners who are globally engaged.

We will help our students VALUE themselves and others

  • by offering multiple language pathways with a strong emphasis on Chinese language and heritage
  • by cultivating intercultural understanding and respect through curricular and co-curricular learning
  • and by providing a holistic education that emphasizes emotional and physical well-being and character development.

We will help our students STRIVE to be the best they can be

  • by developing challenging and diverse academic programs aligned with IB approaches to teaching and learning
  • by creating an environment in which students exercise agency in their learning and are encouraged to explore and pursue their interests and passions
  • and by ensuring the best possible educational experience for all students through continuous reflection and revision of programmes, standards and practices.

We will help our students ACT to make a better world

  • by encouraging students to explore issues and take action on a personal, local and global level
  • by fostering a collaborative learning environment that promotes active partnerships within and beyond the school community
  • and by nurturing a sense of responsibility and creating opportunities for leadership development.