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Intercultural Learning

Intercultural learning

At VSA, intercultural learning is the process of cultivating knowledge, skills, and attitudes to communicate effectively, appropriately and respectfully across cultural differences. Learners at VSA are multilingual and explore their own cultural values, and those of others.

Intercultural understanding

Intercultural understanding is about exploring human commonality, diversity and the interrelatedness of all nations and peoples, and the complexity of these. At VSA, we encourage learners to appreciate critically their own perspective (beliefs, values, experiences and ways of knowing) as well as the perspectives of others. They are open-minded and curious about other cultures, and display empathy and respect.


All VSA learners strive to communicate proficiently in at least two languages, encouraging intercultural learning and global engagement.

Global engagement

At VSA learners are passionate about exploring the wider world and their place in it. They are empowered with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to engage with issues of local and global importance, taking committed, collaborative action that makes a positive difference in the lives of others, and the health of the planet.